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A one-stop shop for Kerala’s cultural diversity, Thrissur abounds in festivals and fiestas. Thrissur is in fact known the world over for this great festival or Pooram as it is called.

A quarter million people converge on the temple grounds to celebrate this colourful festival with music, pageants, feasts and fireworks. The Pooram is conducted by the Thiruvambadi and Paramekavu temples who take out a procession to the main Vadakumnathan Temple. This Temple is one of India’s oldest and most sacred Shiva Temples. 100 Caparisoned elephants stand majestic in front of the temple to the frenzied beats of the Panchavadhyam. At midnight the fireworks begin and the whole event draws to a close in the early hours of the next day.
During the Onam festivities, there is a unique tradition in Thrissur called the Pulikkali. People in teams come from allover the district with their bodies painted like tigers and a mock hunt is enacted on the main streets.

The town is also famous for its gold jewellery and some of best artisans live and work here. The designs by them are appreciated the world over. The numerous jewellery showrooms in Thrissur are proof to the craftsmanship of the artisans and love for golden jewellery that Keralites have.

Thrissur had been the seat of central Malabar rulers. Of these Sakthan thampuram was the most famous. He is said to have started the Thrissur Pooram which has become the identification of the city around the globe.

The Archaeological Museum, Zoo and Aquarium, the Art museum, The Picture Gallery in the Town hall where Murals from all over Kerala are on display are some of the formal attractions of Thrissur.

The famous Guruvayoor Temple, situated 29 kms west of Thrissur is one of the most sacred Sree Krishna Temples in India and a famous pilgrim centre.
Starting from the 1st of September 8-day performance of Krishnattom is held here. The ’Anayottam’ or elephant race is held during Guruvayoor’s annual festival.Thrissur is also a main center of Syrian Christians. There are several Christian churches in Thrissur, including the heritage puthen palli . The puthen palli, one of the oldest churches in India, combines Gothic and Indian architectural sytles. It was also claimed to be the largest church in India.

Performing Arts
Kalamandalam the renowned Kathakali training centre is located at Cheruthuruthy 32 kms north of Thrissur. Traditional art forms of Kerala like Mohiniattam, Thullal, Panchavadhyam are taught here with absolute dedication. Kalamandalam is among the few places where the Gurukul system still flourishes.

Nature’s Bounty
Athirapilly waterfalls approximately 30 kms away is considered as one of the most picturesque waterfalls in south India. Nestled amidst thick forests, the falls are really captivating. The gurgle of the falls is heard kilometers away.

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